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Swim Log is fast becoming the market leading software for all swimmers. With the latest upgrade featuring features for long distance swimmers and allowing you to log information for unlimited swimmers.
This download provides a fully functional Swim Log system with the only limit being that only 20 items of data can be entered until the product is purchased and valid keys entered. The evaluation can easily be converted to full blown version by purchase of valid keys. Once purchased Swim Log owners are entitled to all upgrades that are made available.



Welcome to the evaluation page for Swim Log. Once you have completed the simple
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Now with Swim Bike Run features and Long Distance Swim Logging.
This trial system has been configured for pool/comp swimmers.If you would like information about using Swim Log for long distance swimming or triathlon training please drop us a line.
Features: tracking best times, swimming stats, swim training distances, training times,splits, total distances covered, long distance swims, height weight and resting pulse, graphs of improvement, rolling graphs of weekly and monthly distance, setting of target times, target vs actual and % proximity, full sessions detail logging, export of best times to other users and import. Comparision of swim times. Analysis of long distance swims including analysis of times per nominated distance and distance per nominated time. Free upgrades from the web.Latest version has features suitable for Triathletes.
Swim Log is a software product from Twenty Trees Consulting.
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