Swim Log
Swim Log Software for Swimmers
Swim Log for Long Distance Swimmers.

Swim Log is the leading Software package for swimmers wanting to keep accurate records of their training and times. Upgrades of the Swim Log package are available through the Swim Log website and we welcome development suggestions.
Swim Log CD


Swim Log is ideal for Long Distance swimmers who want to keep track of their training. Simply logging of time and distance leads to graphical displays of distance and time by week or month.
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To download a free trail of Swim Log please click on this link or the logo below.

Swim Log can be purchased on line for €17.00 and the downloaded trial converted to a full version.

Once a Swim Log user you are entitled to all future upgrades and we welcome development suggestions as to how to move the product forward in the way our customers want.

Swim Log has features for Long Distance swimmers and Triathletes. Swim, Bike and run sessions can be logged and analysed and the front screen of Swim Log quickly switched from the event matrix to a graphical view of LD Swim, Bike and Run training over previous weeks.
Swim Log Triathlon screen
Swim Log is a software product from Twenty Trees Consulting.
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