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"For the logging
of swim times
and all your training data Swim Log is the best product out there"

Swim Log in Swimming Times.
Our thanks go to Swimming Times for the article on Swim Log. For details on the Swimming Times click here

For tri-athletes Swim Log now supports the logging of long distance swims, bike rides and runs.See the configuration screen. A library of bike and run routes can be maintained and selected for analysis of progress. With one click the normal Swim Log event matrix can be switched to show the tri training per week in distance or time. Please contact us if you need more information about using Swim Log in Tri -mode. Useful running and triathlon links.
220 Triathlon
and the most entertaining training podcast out there.



Feb 2013. Latest upgrade 3.7.5(click here.)
The latest upgrade for Swim Log is now available - full release notes -and contains among other things.. (see new images) PoolMatePro integration, New features for squad managers log times for multiple swimmers, lots more
The current upgrade can be found here, and a guide to upgrading here

New features in 3.7.5 version.
New features to help with fast entry of swim times for multiple swimmers, easier creation of global target times, upper and lower times for squad times to help with swimmer selection.many more.

Pool Mate & Speedo watch Support.
Swim Log can import data directory from Pool Mate Pro or can take manual input from either watch.
Click on the Pool Mate link to see this great product or watch a short videoF of Swim Log recording Pool-Mate data. Click here.

Swim Log on Vista. Users installing Swim Log on Vista will find that the Help screens are no longer available. Microsoft have now issued a patch for this which can be downloaded from their site. Click here. (Choose the x86 download)

Swim Log is perfect for the individual swimmer, swimming family, squad manager, long distance swimmer or triathlete.
Multiple swimmers can be created and records kept of all timed swims, training distances, and coach's comments.
Swim Log shows personal best times, the improvement history over time, and performance against set targets. Screen shots of Swim Log can be see here.
It also shows monthly training distances over a rolling 12 months and 16 weeks. Best Time files can be created, swapped with other users and imported into Swim Log and then compared with your times. Results are shown as times and distance.



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Some comments from our users
"I don't think I could have got better service off of any other company.
I cant believe you went through all this with me and helped me so very much.  
I really appreciate your help

Karen in Ireland.

 I reckon that swim log is the best £17/18 worth of software available for virtually any purpose!  A hell of a claim but it comes with high quality support, which most low value products don't and provides all Swimming/Tri atheletes with everything that  they need in the form of a log system.  Congratulations!!!
Bob- City of Oxford

Swim Log Features


To buy Swim Log as a download see the Paypal link on the home page. Swim Log customers are entitled to all upgrades.

Swim Log now includes great features for Long Distance swimmers such as logging distances in km's or miles and detailed analysis of the swims- so if Loch Ness or the Channel is your cup of tea get in touch.

Swim Log Free Trial

Swim Log now has users in the following countries: Columbia, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Spain,Poland, Columbia, Estonia, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, America, Canada, Australia, Norway, Greece and New Zealand..



Swim Log is a software product from Twenty Trees Consulting.
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